DIGIVATIONS™ INSTITUTE'S mission is to foster the next generation of innovators while solving local, regional, national and global challenges. DIGIVATIONS is a Washington State non-profit corporation based in Point Roberts, WA with a presence in California, the Pacific Northwest and Vancouver, BC, Canada. 
DIGIVATIONS supports STEM+ARTS education, professional development, training, and sustainability stewardship coaching and management. 
The INSTITUTE has adopted and implements a unique curriculum, methodology and programmatic offerings which are designed by its affiliate,  DIGIVATIONS™ Education Ventures.This methodology is designed to enable students to access STEM materials with confidence while applying their unique talents to group projects motivated by a collective mission. Engaging mutliple intelligences fosters innovation and authentic mulitdimensional thinking, ultimately enabling solutions to local, regional and national challenges.
The underlying pedagogy comprises three distint components:

(1) lecture contextualized with current events and STEM content;

(2) creative engagement encompassing narrative and digital storytelling, dramatizations, music and games; and

(3) hands-on experiential building incorporating various resources and science kits (e.g. rockets, robots and various design engineering structures).  
Through this process individuals are invited to work in teams to investigate problems through research, experimentation and discoveries bridging application of results from these efforts to solve challenges which have local, regional, national and global impact. 


1.Invests in the design of the following:

(a) STEM+ARTS curriculum and programming for K-12 Enrichment for children and Professional Development for teachers, home school educators and organizations; 

(b) Innovation Forums and Summits for industry, university and government leaders; and 

(c) Professional  Coaching and Training.

2.Supports Innovative Education and Economic Development:

STEM+ARTS programs (www.digivations.com) for under resourced communities that include towns, school districts and associated communities that lack the financial and human capital to host their own STEM programs. These programs also empower the students, teachers, parents, business and community leaders by incorporating cultural, social and unique community qualities into lesson, training and economic development plans to address local challenges;

3. Fosters innovative sustainability stewardship by:

(a) Serving as a vehicle for communicating and applying innovative ideas and new knowledge acquired by students, educators, and other community members to address local issues;

(b) Bridging application of meaningful results from discoveries derived from hands-on STEM+ARTS experiments and experiential investigations conducted in schools and other educational and research settings to efficiently solve local community challenges. Successful application of new knowledge and relevant discoveries when translated into scalable solutions enhance sustainability. This is known as the Knowledge Translation Bridge (KTB). KTB is designed so that it can be scaled to solve similar problems throughout the US and globally;

(c) Enabling the growth of a new, sustainable innovation economy by applying the underlying knowledge, economic benefits and social value generated by KTB to support continued STEM+ARTS programming.

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